Welcome to all Chicago Cubs Fans!

I started this blog for all Chicago Cubs fans.  Anyone interested in posting, go right ahead.  But, please keep it clean!


  1. geoffalicia@mchsi.com

    Let’s get Soriano!

    Mr. McPhail – how about some effort to get some help at the plate….. trade for Alfonso. He can play 2nd or left and can HIT!!! We need some fire, some confidence. He could bat 2nd behind Juan or fit in nicely around D-Lee and Aramis. We needed one more bat before D-Lee got hurt – we absolutely need one now!!!!!

    If not Soriano….get someone. We have the money. Lets show Chicago we actually want to win….not pick up so-so guys and hope they pan out. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  2. raschka2493@sbcglobal.net

    I was part of the “keep Dusty” crowd, thinking that no manager could produce different results with the current team assembled. And, the Cubs have been down this road before without much success. Still, I wonder if a more “firey” personality might light a fire under some of these hitters.

  3. niembre@hotmail.com

    This is a poor excuse for a team! You have upper management who lies all the time about the health of players! Remember back in spring training management was saying that they were bringing Prior around slowly and that he was physically alright…SURE!! Nice offseason moves. You brought Pierre and Jones in and they have produced absolutely nothing. I bet you wish you could have Nomar and Patterson back! The problem is that this team is cursed! Think about it, they sign players and those players have the worst years of their careers. They then let those players go and they have career years. I’ve been a Cubs fan for life, and have never been so frustrated with them as I am now! There’s always an excuse. Come on Management! You have all the money in the world but will not do what it takes to bring in a competitive lineup! When a guy like Manny Ramirez is available, you take him!! Enough is Enough already!! Time to WIN!!!!

  4. dan@1funcity.com

    I agree with all of these! The Cubs are fundamentally terrible, and play with no desire. Why do they keep Larry Rothschild around. We have had the most underachieving pitching staff for the past few years. They walk way too many people, let alone get the ball to the plate. And why are our pitchers always hurt? How about Mabry at first and Walker back to 2nd. They need to put a decent defense on the field, and obviously Perez does not give them that. They look like a little league team on defense!

  5. firefitnguy@comcast.net

    It’s so bad where does one start? Dump them all…Dusty, Rothschild, etc. To bad they already extended Hendrey. Oh and make sure Dusty takes Neifi with him! Bench J.P. for a series to make hin think a little! Start Freddie Bynum in right and move Jones to center. Have Bynum lead off! And yes, I agree Maybry at first and Walker at second! Then trade for Dontrelle Willis and go after another bat! Wood is as good as gone as the club would be stupid to cover his 13M option for next season. Then again they’ve done stupid things before!

    Feed up in WA

  6. brokebago@mac.com

    I received the best email yesterday it was a picture of BARRETT socking A.J. and the title was FRUSTRATION and the bottom of the picture says THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR TEAM ***** AT BASEBALL….BUT I STILL BELIEVE AND I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE……..

  7. cyclone_vortex@netzero.net

    I noticed today that the Cubbies finally might have figured out that they are not a homerun hitting team with D-Lee. SINGLES CAN WIN GAMES. “Hittem where they ain’t” The small ball will work. It isn’t real pretty to watch, but a W is a W. I don’t think we need spend money. We have the players to win. Mabry needs to start everyday at first. Put Walker back on second. Perez should be ridding the pine. Come on Cub fans!!! I really think that this will still come together. Maybe not a division crown, but a wildcard is not that far from my belief. We need to beat the teams that we should beat. Confidence will come around. The team is young. Young guys can get into a rut if things aren’t going well. Don’t boo them; that really doesn’t help. Sorry for the long length.

  8. play2cubs@iquest.net

    I have been behind Dusty, but ewnough is enough. Dempster is starting to remind me of Flash Gordon or , or, pick another pitcher who loses his confidence and talent. And is it Rothschild or Baker? Whose decision is it to leave in inept pitchers and let us watch the train wreck? Maddox is left in until 4 runs score, then Eyre comes in and gets one out and walks one and is yanked.
    And there’s not enough time to mention perez’s smile yesterday when he overthrew home plate.

  9. sisaacs@suscom.net

    I remember players saying that Cub Fans are the best fans ever. Even on bad days they still believe in you. Every one is on the quick fix trail. Give this team time to work together.

    Booing and name calling is not going to boost their confidence. I am just as guilty, but I have realized they are human and they will eventually come out of this. Even if it is next year, I have patience.

    Real Cub fans support the team and have patience.

  10. mchard@wideopenwest.com

    All you “I believe”rs are idiots. You’ve lost all touch with reality. This team was at best a 3rd place team on paper at the beginning of the season. “Have patience.” Right. That’s what I’ve been doing for 40+ years with nothing but pain to show for it in return. Wise up and realize this team will never win anything. And it’s because pathetic ****** like you won’t demand anything more. Keep filling those Wrigley seats, losers. I hate White Sox fans, but at least they stay away from the ballpark until their franchise gives them something to be excited about.

  11. rustarow@yahoo.com

    I think The Cubs need a new hitting coach.
    We are struggling to hit.

    I hope Jim Hendry signs someone new.

    Hitting is the main reason the cubs are in a slump.

    Maybe Rod Carew, or someone else can do it.

    A change would be the best for the Team!

    Go Cubs!

    Your friend and Loyal Cubs Fan!


  12. pat24fn@netzero.com

    I think that Baker does not have the ability to motivate his players. The only good year the Cubs have had is his first year, they have done nothing since. You can blame it on injuries, but all the rest of the players are major leagers and should be able to step up and do the job. Get rid of Baker and see if Billy Williams or Bob Brenly want the job. We need new blood now.How Far in the hole does Hendry go before he realizes its not working. Make the change and lets move on. If hendry thinks that Bakers job is safe then maybe we need a new GM. Wake up Jim!

  13. r_barger@comcast.net

    This team is not going to do anything to get better because the stands are packed. Yesterday was the biggest crowd of the year after the most disappointing loss of the year. The Tribune Company is all about the bottom line and until the fans make a stand and quit supporting this terrible team nothing is going to change. If you don’t want another 100 years of losing then hit them where it hurts the most, in the pocket book!

  14. israelaledo@msn.com

    I think this Cubs team is the worst in years. Management didn’t have any “Plan B” for injuries and you can see that clearly with Lee’s injury. When you think they are going to leave those losing streaks behind then comes Dempster and blows a save. I have always been a die-hard fan but I am getting very angry with this team now. Prior and Wood look like they are 60 years old, always injured, and have not pitched well since the 2003 season. The team should dump those 2, what good are they if they are always injured? I guess this is another 4th place finish for the Cubs when the season is over.

  15. elebee333@comcast.net

    Something really stinks at Wrigley Field and I don’t think it’s the HOT DOGS unless you count the the ones in CUB uniforms.

  16. niembre@hotmail.com

    Baseballs landing on third baseman’s head, relay throws dropped at second base, and closers blowing three run leads in the 9th! What’s going on? In the past, I was able to tolerate a horrible Cubs team by watching Ryne Sandberg in the 80’s and then watching Sosa in the 90’s. It’s a lot harder to watch these guys when there is nothing to look forward to. These guys can’t hit, they can’t pitch and they sure in **** can’t field. You would think that after ******* so bad for so long, they would have solid prospects in their farm system, but when they bring a rookie up, it’s the same thing….. batting .200 with no homers and 2 RBI’s. It’s sad because you see teams like the Braves win every year and bring up good prospects. The Cubs need good scouting and it’s time to blow up the coaching staff. If nothing happens soon, come July there will be a lot of trades in which the Cubs will be sending players to contenders!

  17. cubfan-15@hotmail.com

    Right now everybody needs to quit trying to jack the ball out of the ballpark. We were doing great befor D-Lee went down, and he wasn’t hitting the cover off the ball. The players just need to relax and focus on the fundamentals, stop trying to do too much. the wins will start coming. Congrats to Woody an excellent start yesterday, keep getting better and stronger. Hopefully soon Prior, Miller, and Lee will be back with him. Keep playing Womack, he’s a spark plug, maybe Pierre can learn something from him. Just hang in there, focus on the fundamentals and soon we will be rolling, still have alot of division games left. Just remember what last year’s Astros did. 15-30 to start the year and end up going to the World Series.

  18. shutter7@adelphia.net

    I was born in 1930. When i was fifteen years old is the last time i saw a really good team, in 1945. Unfortunately, they lost the world series to detroit,that year when Hank Greenberg hit the winning home run in the seventh game. I was a student at lane tech in Chicago that year, and i figured, oh well there is always next year. I have been saying that for 61 years. I probably won’t live long enough to ever see a pennant fly over Wrigley Field. I agree with all you guys that say stop supporting this team the way things are. over 3 million people a year support the team at home. why should they spend the money for decent players? the fans will come no matter how bad they are. too bad Steinbrenner doesn’t own the cubs.

  19. cementshooz2002@yahoo.com

    I agree with all of you guys. Nevin for Hairston?? Who cares!! Way to shake up a ball club. Trade one old (relatively speaking), bad player for another.

  20. californiatees@sbcglobal.net

    Please, enough about how how long you’ve been a Cub fan and the hard years you’ve had to endure. We have all been through it. But I’ve seen the Trib spend more money lately than they ever have, so I feel they want to produce a winner. IT’S JUST NOT THAT EASY. If it were, Steinbrenner would win EVERY year. There is no curse, just a player/fan mentality of perpetual losing, so players seem to perform to that level when they arrive. It will get better, maybe even in our lifetime.

  21. cyclone_vortex@netzero.net

    I’m back!!!. Nice series win over the Cards.:-) Isn’t funny that hitting comes around when victories happen. I said that singles win. I really don’t care about the lies. I want the CUBS to win. If Prior isn’t ready don’t push. He is a great pitcher when healthy. I know that this hasn’t happened for awhile, but it will happen. I don’t know who posted put JP on the bench. I agree. You are a lead off hitter. HIT the ball. You don’t hit homers. Slap hitters hit slap singles, and then they steal bases. This is the reason that you are here. I am also still up in the air on Kid K. I really want to see him succeed. I also have to take into concideration that 13M is plenty of money a on again off again pitcher. Thanks for reading my rants.

  22. Shell

    1 run losses….

    I can’t help but think that when D.Lee comes back and is playing everyday, a lot of these 1-2 run losses will somehow turn into wins. I think it really hurts not having Lee in the 3-spot. Anyone else feel the same as me? Unfortunately, they would need a pretty high win percentage for them to have a chance of making the postseason this year.

  23. cubbiedoom

    Worried about BIG “Z”

    The last 3 out of 4 games Zambrano looked not that good. Why don’t Lou Pinellia add Marshall in the rotation, make it a 6 man rotation for the last 28 games so everyone in the rotation can get an extra day of rest this way when they get to the playoffs Lou can then go to a 4 man rotation for the playoffs & their arms will be rested & not burned out.

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